Ultra Fast Charger - Charge with up to 150 kW

The Ultra Fast Charger is Delta’s latest EV charging infrastructure for charge point operators considering long-term economical solutions.

With 150kW output power it features the highest commercially available DC charging power on the market with a modular and future proofed system design that can be easily upgraded later. That secures operators and investors of today the compatibility with tomorrow’s requirements and minimizes the total cost of ownership over the years to come. Combined with a minimum installation effort compared to other available systems, versatility in station design and user-friendliness, the Ultra Fast Charger from Delta sets the mark for the future of EV Charging Stations.

A solution that grows with your needs

The System Design for DC charging is modular and enables the operator to start today with lower power at lower cost for locations with very limited usage and add on more power when the market requires more charging service throughput in the future.

Optimize your total cost of ownership

Save initial investment costs and start smart, with one non discriminative charging station, by sharing 100 - 120 kW DC power capacity for two electric vehicles and simply scale up later with minimized processes and cost. Delta’s Ultra Fast Charger is maintenance-free and ensures continuous operation.

Ready for the Future

The 1000V option is able to charge EVs with a battery voltage below 500 V and with battery voltage between 500 and 1000 V. The charger recognizes the connected battery system automatically and controls the internal power modules accordingly. The Ultra Fast Charger is already compatible with the future automotive and commercial vehicle standards. It will be able to charge a Porsche Mission-E offering 1000V, and therefore charging 100km of additional range in up to about 8 Minutes only.

Easy to use

Easy charging process: simply connect your car to the charging point and authenticate with your RFID card. The car will start charging automatically. Once the batteries are fully charged, charging stops automatically.

Flexible Charge Traffic Concepts

Delta’s Ultra Fast Charger is available in different configurations to match the requirements of your location. It can be optionally equipped with different charge connection configurations and is also available as two-sided version with plugs, sockets and user interface on the front and backside.


The charger is compatible with the major charge point operator, e-mobility service provider and roaming platforms. Integration into existing backends can be realized due to the compliance with the open charge point protocol (OCPP). Connectivity is realized through Ethernet, GPRS, 3G or 4G.