Charging Point Operator Back Office from Delta

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The Charging Point Operator Back Office maximizes the availability of the charging network and improves charging processes with its user-optimized worldwide accessible web services. Monitoring, remote control and configuration of the charger together with charge session recording are only the basic features of the solution.

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The cloud based platform integrates seamlessly with eMobility Service Provider back offices and eMobility Roaming solutions to optimize Charging Point Operator’s business processes.

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An easy configurable roles and rights management enables different business stakeholders to access certain administration features and charging network information.

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Delta offers the Charge Point Operator Back Office as a Service. Hosting, operation and maintenance are our obligation and we guarantee to always keep the software always up to date.

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The pay-as-you-go pricing model optimizes the operation expense to a minimum and prohibits from high upfront costs for setting up a reliable hosting environment.

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Our additional smartphone application supports the field service to be always updated about new events and allows remote control and configuration of the EV charger.

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