Ultra Fast Charger - Charge with up to 200kW

UFC 200 - Multi - Vehicle Ultra - Fast Charging Solution

Delta’s 200 Ultra Fast Charger (UFC) is ideally suited to EV Infrastructures designed to support next generation e-vehicles. It provides the convenience of a single station installation combined with the ability to charge up to four cars at the same time. Two charge points are available for DC quick charging (up to 200kW), and two charge points are available for AC charging (2 x 22 kW). This maximizes the individual charge rates depending on the vehicle - which reduces vehicle waiting times - while dynamically adjusting to secure grid connection point. For larger DC charging parks, additional variants and configurations are available in order to optimize the operation or to support different traffic/parking schemes. This product is best suited to applications like fast charging corridors, parking lots, service stations, logistics companies, and urban traffic hubs.



  • 200kW simultaneous charging for next generation e- vehicles
  • Dynamic energy management minimizing the charging time
  • Integrated credit card payment solution and RFID user identification
  • 200 kW / 400 A CCS cable without liquid cooling
  • Version with up to 1000 VDC
  • Full accessibility according DIN 18040
  • Connector on both sides for different traffic schemes
  • Modular scalability for charging next-generation EV, e-truck, e-bus (clever design will allow clever usage of resources for next generation EV cars),
  • Option: German Eichrecht conformity with MID-metering