V2H (Vehicle to home) V2X Bi- directional Charging Solution

V2H (Vehicle-to-Home)/ V2X Bi-directional Charger

Delta’s V2H Charger (Vehicle-to-Home & Vehicle-to-Grid) is a bi-directional charging system that converts energy between EV battery and AC supply, along with power backup and energy management features. With Delta’s V2H Charger, you can fully enjoy the green life with renewable energy, electric vehicle, and all the advanced features of energy storage systems to save your electricity bill and make goods contributed to the environment.



  • Bi-directional power conversion with max. 11 /22kW output
  • Compatible with Home Energy Management System (HEMS)
  • Mobile app and cloud-based service backend for remote control and diagnosis
  • IP55 and IK10 rating for protection in indoor/outdoor environments
  • 95% power conversion efficiency saves energy